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    Huatai Heavy industry (Nantong) Ltd. Co was established in August 11, 2006, mainly engaged in ship building, offshore steel structures, large-scale fluid cans generated.

    The company is located in Jiangsu Province and Hong Kong Rugao Rugao City Economic Development Zone Metallurgical Industrial Park, an area of 114,500 square meters, the company located in the Yangtze River gold coastline, near - Ning Expressway, Gao Zhang Qi Du, 130 km from Shanghai, geographic location, convenient water and land transportation.

    Huatai Heavy industry (Nantong) Ltd. Co registered capital of 8 million US dollars, the total investment of 20 million US dollars, will build 30,000 square meters welding shop, 20,000-square-meter platform, 30,000 square meters of products yards, 10,000-ton outfitting piers, 50,000 tons and 80,000 tons of the one berth. Expected completion, its annual production capacity of over 50 million tons and the output value exceed 30 billion, E25-400 million.

    The company's current preparatory work was in full swing, 200 tons of gantry crane, a 50,000-ton berth #, piping workshops and other related infrastructure construction has already started, the scheme in March 2008 a project is completed and put into operation.

    Huatai Heavy industry (Nantong) Ltd. Co from the founder of the date that is "strict, practical" as the place of the "pursuit of excellence, the courage to lead" as the company's development philosophy. The company will make full use of their own resources to provide customers with good quality products and services in an effort to create its own quality brands.


Copy right Huatai Heavy industry (Nantong) Ltd. Co.
Address: Rugao Harbor Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province,   Postcode:226532
Tel:0513-87686990  Fax:0513-87686676
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